How It Works

1. Sign Up

Get your business listed on the Internet's leading directory. After a 24 hour review and approval period, LBL will send you your temporary user and password. After signing in there is a very simple process to customize both. You will have complete control of you personal profile page. If not approved your money will be refunded. Help potential customers find your business with your LBL Pro account. For only $265 annually to get listed on LBL in categories of your choice.

Pro business customers can customize their own business profile page, upload pictures, videos and more.

2. Get Found on Google

Being a Local Best List member increases your exposure in many ways. LBL is trusted by all major search engines to provide information and reviews for local businesses. As such, our business profile pages rank higher than any other business directory. As a member, customers will find your business not only through LBL directly, but also through Google and other search providers. In addition, once your business is listed on Local Best List, you immediately increase the SEO of you web site with authentic backlinks directly from Local Best List.

3. Gain Customers

Joining Local Best List is quick and easy! Sign up today and start enjoying all the benefits of increased exposure and higher search rankings. Consumers trust LBL to find businesses they can trust. Get listed today and put your business in front of thousands of users every day.

Businesses Love LBL

"Local Best List has absolutely transformed my business. We get leads on a daily basis from LBL. We could not be happier. Our tree service business is booming thanks to LBL."

-Jim Green
Philadelphia, PA

LBL Can Change Your Business

Being a Local Best List member has the potential to take your business to the next level. Thousands of customers visit Local Best List every day. Get your businesses in front of more customers, increase exposure, and build SEO value. Why Wait? Sign up today!

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